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Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher

The Holistic Therapy Centre

 Essential Oils As Natures Medicine Cabinet ONLINE

Join the millions of people around the world that are taking back the control around their health by learning how therapeutic grade essential oils can support their health.


During this 60 minute online workshop you will learn


What an essential oil is

How they work

Three different ways you can use them

And explore the top 10 oils and blends that can help with 80% of your everyday health needs. We cover things like stress, anxiety, sleep, pain, digestion, respiratory, skin, immune system, toxin free cleaning and much more.


My intention is that by the end of the workshop you will leave confident in your ability to use essential oils to support yours and your family's health with all the tools you need to stay well.


  • Free online webinars run every other Thursday click HERE to book on the next workshop 

  • To book for the next LIVE in person 90 minute workshop in Marlow click HERE

Natures Medicine Cabinet - Essential Oils Live Workshop (90 minutes £15)

Saturday 15th January 9am (4 spaces left)


If you live close to Marlow, Buckinghamshire why not get the full experience and join a live class?


The live class is a fun, experiential 2 hour workshop, held at The Holistic Therapy Centre in Marlow. The benefits to joining live are you get to try out the oils as you learn about their uses.


Focusing on the top 12 oils and blends you are shown how they can be used for 80% of the common everyday physical complaints such as headaches, stress, sleep, pain, digestive issues, skin, natural ways to boost the immune system plus some 1-1 time will be spent focusing on the top 3 ailments you are looking for support with. We also look at the emotional benefits of the oils and take you through a couple of stress relieving techniques with your favourite oil from the workshop.


You will leave the workshop fully confident in your ability to use essential oils to support yours and you family's health & wellbeing with all the knowledge and tools you need to stay well this winter.


And your own bottle of Wild Orange to start you on your journey.


To book your place on a live workshop email [email protected]