Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher - The Holistic Therapy Centre
Reiki Meditation CD 1
Designed to accompany a Reiki I workshop.
1. Chakra Clearing 29 mins
2. Hatsurei - Ho 18 mins
3. Emotional Release 15 mins
Price: £10.00
Reiki Meditation CD 2
Designed to accompany a Reiki 2 workshop.
1. Introduction 2 mins
2. Meet Your Reiki Guides 19 mins.
3. Reiki Symbol Meditation 19 mins
4. Distant Healing Meditation 10 mins.
Price: £10.00
Healing With The Angels
Come with us on a journey through an enchanted forest to your own personal sacred space.

Here in the sanctuary of your own unique space you will meet your Guardian Angel and receive Angelic guidance for any problem or question you ay have.

Whilst in this peaceful space you will receive Angelic Healing on a mental, emotional, physical or & spiritual level. What ever is right for you at this stage of your life.

Meditation mength 20.15 mins
Price: £6.00
Spring Clean Your Chakras Journey Meditation
Take yourself on a journey through your seven main energy centres. As you are guided through each chakra one by one you become aware of any issues that may be blocking your way.

You will find the tools and intuition along the way that you need to learn from and clear each energy centre, as you make your way from your root to crown chakra.

Meditation length 26.05 mins
Price: £6.00
Six Steps To Forgiveness
Are you finding yourself unable to move on from an upset in your life?

Chances are someone, could even be yourself has not lived up to expectations and let you down.

Carrying around the emotions to an event that has happened will at some point have a detrimental effect on your health & wellbeing.

This could be something that has happened recently or way back in the past.

During this CD you will learn the six steps to forgiveness to free yourself fro this situation once and for all.

This will lead to more peace and happiness in your life from now on.

1. Introduction 7.18 mins
2. Meditation 13.46 mins
Price: £6.00
Crystal Skull Activation CD
It is believed that there are 13 ancient crystal skull on Earth at the moment, all with the knowledge, healing and understanding of the planet.

They have been left here ready for activation when we are ready to receive the information.

This meditation has been designed to connect you to the energy of the 13 ancient crystal skulls.

This will have the affect of boosting your own personal energy for the healing of yourself and others.It will raise your own personal vibration accelerating your assencion process, in turn this will help to raise the vibration of all you meet and in time the whole planet.

Meditation length: 18.10 mins
Price: £6.00
Activate Your Light Body
A meditation designed to activate your light body from within to allow your inner light to shine out in everything you do. You will be taken on a journey through your body, as you get smaller and smaller you will eventually end up inside a cell where core healing of you DNA can take place. You will be taken further still into the universal energy that we all hold within. The meditation will activate your light body and send it out through every cell in your body healing yourself and everyone you meet from now on.

Meditation length 15 mins
Price: £6.00
Advanced Reiki Self Care
1. CReating a sacred space
2. Gassho Meditation
3. Gassho Facial & Rubbish Clearing
4. Reiki Un-Doe
Price: £6.00
Debbie value's your feedback, please let us know how you get on with the meditations and ask any questions you may have via the blog page.
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